MACKIE CFX MKII Κονσόλα μίξης ήχου 12 καναλιών με εφέ.

Δωδεκακάναλη κονσόλα ήχου με εφέ MACKIE CFX MKII

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Δωδεκακάναλη κονσόλα ήχου με εφέ MACKIE CFX MKII



Κονσόλα 12 κανάλια, 8 MONO(MIC), 2 STEREO (XLR-LINE), ψηφιακό multieffect, 9 περιοχών EQ, 4 group, 4 aux sends, 2 stereo aux returns, mono subwoofer έξοδο, 48V phantom power. Βάρος: 8.1 kg Frequency Response Mic Input to any Output Trim at 0 dB 32Hz to 20kHz +0, -1 dB, Distortion THD and SMPTE IMD; 20Hz to 20kHz Mic Input to Main Output < 0.05% at +4 dBu output Noise 20Hz to 20kHz BW (150 Ohms source impedance) Equivalent Input Noise (EIN) -127 dBu Residual Output Noise Main, Monitor, & Effects outputs Channel & Master levels off -95 dBu Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR) at 1kHz, Trim at 0 dB 60 dB Crosstalk Adjacent Inputs or Input to Output -90 dB at 1kHz Fader Off -90 dB at 1kHz Mute Switch and Break Switch Mute -80 dB at 1kHz Input Level Trim Control Range +6 to -50dB Phantom Power +48V DC Equalization Low Cut 100Hz, -18dB/octave Mono Channel EQ High ±15dB at 12kHz Mid ±15 dB at 100Hz to 8kHz Low ±15 dB at 80Hz Stereo Channel EQ High ±15 dB at 12kHz High Mid ±15 dB at 3kHz Low Mid ±15 dB at 400Hz Low ±15 dB at 80Hz Graphic EQ (9 bands): ±15 dB Q =1.414 ISO octave centers at 63Hz, 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1k, 2k, 4k, 8k, 16kHz Mixer Rated Output Main, Sub, Aux, & Efx: +4 dBu Maximum Rated Output: +20 dBu Since we’re always striving to make our stuff better by incorporating new and improved materials, components and manufacturing methods, we reserve the right to change these specifications at any time without notice. Maximum Input Levels Mic input Trim at +6 dB +18 dBu Line Input Trim at -15 dB +38 dBu Insert Return, Stereo Line Input, Tape Input, and Effects Return +20 dBu Maximum Voltage Gain Mic input to Insert Output 50 dB Tape Output 66 dB Sub Output 66 dB Main Output 76 dB Aux Send 71 dB Line Input to Insert Output 30 dB Tape Output 46 dB Sub Output 46 dB Main Output 56 dB Aux Send 51 dB Stereo Line Input to Tape Output 40 dB Sub Output 40 dB Main Output 50 dB Aux Send 45 dB Tape Input to Main Output 30 dB Effects Return to Main Output 30 dB Input Impedance Mic Input 3 kilohms, balanced Line Input 40 kilohms, balanced Insert Return, Stereo Line Input, Tape Input, and Effects Returns 10 kilohms, unbalanced Output Impedance Main Output, Insert Output, Tape Output, Sub Output, and Effects Sends 150 Ohms Digital Effects Resolution 32-bit EMAC processing, 2-channel Number of Presets 16 Parameters 2 controllable Channel Level Set LED (Sensitivity) 0 dBu (normal operating level) VU Meters Main L/R 12 segments Clip, +10, +7, +4, +2, 0, -2, -4, -7, -10, -20,-30 Weight: CFX12.mkII 17.8 lbs (8.1kg) CFX16.mkII 21.0 lbs (9.5kg) CFX20.mkII 24.3 lbs. (11.0kg)

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